Transform your apartment into a home

Renting an apartment comes with its set of pros and cons. While a lot of things get easier for you, the biggest disadvantage of renting an apartment comes to the limelight when you want to customize your apartment but restrictions are placed upon you by the landlord. Usually, owners do not allow their tenants to change a single thing, even if they are provided with the assurance that the apartment will return to its former glory when required. The issue means that not many ways are available to you when it comes to customizing your rented place in San Antonio. You should not have to be pissed off about it because given below are a few ways to do some customizations in your rented home.

Creative Photos

Start by making a plain wall in apartments for rent Murfreesboro TN more attractive. You can do so by putting up framed photos on it. And not just simple pictures, try hanging up fun images in a number of different ways. If you are looking for a more cost-effective way, then a photo collage will be the best option for you. You mayput the pictures to the wall by quickly using the wall safe adhesive or tape. Do not worry because the adhesive tape does not rip the paint off your wall, and you won’t piss off your landlord.

Now we understand that this may become boring for you. Using a bunch of photos, may be of different sizes like 46 or 57 picturesin order to form a photo grid on your wall may be an excellent way. One other alternative available to you is sorting the pictures on the basis of their color. You will end up having many rows, with each one representing a unique hue.  Never mind how you do it, if you have any organization in what you do, you shall be able to check that it makes a significant difference.

Vinyl Wall Stickers

If you have a landlord who gets pissed off with you painting the wall, then vinyl stickers are the best option for you. They are very tiny that they will look like you painted them. What’s more, when removed from the wall, you will find these stickers to be residue-free. You will always be able to select from a plenty of great designs, and they are much easier to apply as compared to paint.

Door Wallpaper

Wallpapering the wall? Not a good idea, especially when your place in rented. Wallpapers are known to leave residues. For this reason, avoid using them on walls. However, putting on wallpaper may not be as bad an idea as it seems. That’s because when you do so, it is possible for you to cover a limited portion and adhere it with the same wall-safe tape or adhesive as discussed earlier. If you find you door boringly, then this might be the nicest way to have your door customized for an attractive look.

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